Doula Nikko J. Kennedy

Your quantum birthing year.

There’s more to wellness than most people realize and it starts at the smallest foundation of life: the movement of energy. Where energy flows, so does vitality. This is why support is so vital to a healthy and vibrant experience of bringing in new life.

The birthing year offers an opportunity to grow in health, confidence, wealth and spirit.

This is a special time, unlike any other. Walking through with an experienced guide can make all the difference. If you are here, you know you can rely on me to bring a breadth of knowledge and an open spirit to support your journey.

Book visits a la carte, or choose a package for continuity of care.

Whether you are just beginning your preconception planning, deep in the throes of pregnancy, or rebuilding your life & stability in the postpartum, I will be happy to join as a partner in your unique story. You can book individual meetings of to 90 minutes. Or, enroll in a package to get continuity of care: unlimited text, email & social media direct message support, 1-1 phone or video calls as needed, review of your records, accountability coaching for your health goals and as always, support with your journey at all levels: intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual. I also bring my background as an entrepreneur and homeschooling mother of 4 and am ready to help you use this time to build the life, business and family of your dreams.

A quantum lens on the birthing year.

Few practitioners place as much weight on circadian and quantum health as they should at any stage of life, let alone during the delicate and important work of bringing in new life. I will help you find the evidence you need to feel confident in your choices and to rest easy in trust that you are doing the best you can for yourself and your growing family.

Ready to chat?

I enroll a limited number of clients each year to ensure a personalized service with plenty of time for relationship building.